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Côrtes Arquitetura is a family-run architecture practice founded in 1985 by the architect Álvaro Côrtes, with the objective of developing, designing, creating and executing unique and personalized projects. The practice specializes in residential, corporate, hotel, and agricultural industry projects. As the team has grown over the years, so has our knowledge, expertise and focus on Hotels. Today, our multi-faceted team of designers and technical architects develop outstanding one-of-a-kind projects.

Preliminary research for all projects undertaken by our practice are spearheaded by the founder’s daughter, Bárbara Côrtes, a creative architect, who is well travelled and has taken several courses abroad. In addition to regularly carrying out architectonic recognition tours overseas, Bárbara constantly seeks out market innovation within the civil construction and interior design fields for inspiration. The research process is experimental, and its purpose is to find the best use of space for all current and future projects.  

Antonio Côrtes, the founder’s son, and an Engineer by trade, is part of the practice’s agricultural team. As large farms are in need of innovative architectural solutions, no one is better placed to oversee the projects we pursue in the agricultural industry segment. A specialist in logistics, Antonio develops projects that promote urbanization, and bring and build efficiencies to rural areas.

Our approach to architecture stems from our belief that, Architecture is an artform that take clients wishes and expressions, and translates them from hand-drawn lines, to concepts and then into reality. We pour our knowledge into hand-drawn visuals on paper and the results are stunning one-of-a-kind projects. 


Residential projects

Our residential, civil construction and interior design projects are developed and created in collaboration with our clients and seek to meet their desires. Our projects always take into consideration the overall shape and spaces, in order to meet the clients’ needs, while maintaining aesthetic attractiveness of the property in accordance with the real-estate market. Residences are drawn from dreams and through our drawings and interpretation of the client’s desires, we transform their wishes into reality. The designing of a home is subjective and complex, therefore we develop distinctive projects, in the firm belief that each person is unique, and so each house should be as well.

Corporate projects

Our corporate architecture projects promote and showcase your brand identity. Projects in this segment are often neutral and objective in order to create an architectural identity that matches the brand identity for companies from any segment. Our work aims to transform work environments into productive spaces, and to increase functionality, without sacrificing beauty and design.

Sacred projects

The spaces dedicated to chapels, temples and sanctuaries are sensitively developed so that their users feel comfortable to connect spirituality. The buildings convey harmony and balance throughout, with elements that inspire emotions. This allows the architectural space to unite the human mind, body and spirit. The symbolism used in the design corroborates the expression of the client, in accordance with their religion, despite which architectural style is used.  

Agricultural industry projects

Côrtes Engenharia Agroindustrial is the practice’s department dedicated to the comfort and efficiency of rural buildings. Its mission is to perfect the occupation of the land so that the producers continue fulfilling their noble purpose. The projects’ focus is on the agricultural inputs that generate cultivation. Preserving the quality of farms and their vitality is an essential part of the production chain which can lead up to an excellent harvest. Thanks to our knowhow, Côrtes Arquitetura works to develop technical and functional solutions on all our projects within the agricultural industry. The desired goal is to achieve the maximum output potential while navigating the complexities of the necessary solutions for producers.

Institutional projects

Côrtes, together with its clients, engage in philanthropic projects with the objective of developing technology and intellectual knowledge. In addition to providing technical support, we also offer support through advisory services, on-site visits and face-to-face meetings. We believe in the socio-environmental and economic development of individuals for the transformation of the societal consciousness.

Hotel projects

Genuine architecture is one that allows creativity and free-reign to develop projects in distinct categories, from midscale hotels to resorts. Hotels are living organisms that are ever evolving. The architect’s main concern is the hotel guest’s experience, and with the creation of multifunctional spaces that enhance comfort for the different guest profiles. Longevity is the key word of this architectural endeavor. Our projects create each hotel uniquely, in harmony with the surrounding environment, while ensuring well-balanced cost-benefit solutions for the social, private and operational areas of each hotel. The internal infrastructure of each hotel is designed optimize operations. The projects are concept-free and neutral, timelessness is our objective.  

Architect Bárbara Côrtes

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